Lemon Olive Oil Loaf

Dreena Burton’s Vive le Vegan was the first vegan cookbook I purchased that completely blew me away.  It was exactly what I needed as a new vegan.  The book was filled with recipes that I had been missing since becoming vegan: muffins, snacks, breakfasts, dips, and easy, satisfying main dishes.

Since purchasing Vive le Vegan I have purchased every book Dreena publishes.  She writes her recipes in a way that feels like she is in the kitchen with you.  Dreena is raising 3 vegan daughters so her recipes are always kid friendly or she offers kid friendly modifications.  Her books have been an invaluable resource as I raise Trey.

Her most recent book, Let The Eat Vegan, is another hit.   One of my favorite recipes is for Citrus-Scented Almond Muffins.  These muffins are made with olive oil which gives them a very unique, not too sweet flavor.  They also include almond meal which I love as a nutrient boost.

I made my last batch as a loaf rather than as muffins.  On a recent Starbucks trip Trey saw the lemon loaf they sell and asked what it was.  Once I explained it he asked if I could make a vegan version.  I have always let him know that almost everything we see can be made vegan, so he frequently makes this request when he sees food he is interested in trying.  Trey has had the olive oil muffins before and loved them so I decided to recreate them in a loaf form.


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