Vegan Potato Salad

Potato Salad is worshipped in my family. My Great-Aunts, Mary and Helen O’Malley, were known to make what we all consider the world’s best potato salad. It had a unique flavor and whenever they came to a family party with their red bowl we knew we were in luck. Sadly they have both passed on, but my Uncle John and Aunt Jane have picked up the torch. Now everyone looks to see if they have the famous red bowl when they come to family events. Fortunately they usually do! When I became vegan I asked my Aunt Jane for the recipe so I could make a vegan version. I have to say I actually prefer the vegan O’Malley potato salad. It has the same flavor I love but it isn’t quite as dense since there are no hardboiled eggs. My vegan potato salad is always a hit side dish with omnivores and vegans. Hope you give it a try for your next get together.Vegan Potato Salad Pintrest

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