Vegan on-the-Go

vegan on-the-go

As I mentioned in my last post we moved at the end of last month. That left me without much time, energy, or in some cases a kitchen for cooking. These transitional times are when being vegan is a bit tougher than being an omnivore. It’s not like vacation when you have time to research new restaurants and then enjoy leisurely meals. You really need grab and go food that you don’t have to prepare, but you want food that fuels you. I thought I would share a few options we relied on for the weeklong period when we were transitioning from one house to the next. These are my vegan on-the-go favorites:


NuGo Bars: These bars taste good, are high in protein and low in fat. Be sure to check the ingredients as not all of their bars are vegan. Here is a list of their vegan options. My husband likes the Chocolate Mint flavor, while I love the Chocolate Pretzel.

vegan on-the-go

Precut Fruit and Veggies from Whole Foods: This kept us eating fruits and vegetables without having to look for the cutting boards and knives.

Ranch Dressing: I normally make my own dressing, but this is a good option from Follow Your Heart when making your own isn’t in the cards. Trey loved dipping the pre cut veggies in the dressing.

vegan on-the-go

Shelf Stable Hummus & Bean Dip – protein packed dips that work with chips, crackers or cut up veggies.

Gardein Pocket Wrap – my husband loves these. It does require that you have an oven or microwave available, but they are fast and satisfying.


Chipotle – savior of any vegan on-the-go. Their sofritas (marinated tofu) are delicious and filling. I like that I can have a salad, bowl, burrito, crispy tacos or soft tacos. Options are helpful since we ate here a few times during the move. I get bored eating the same thing each time.

Veggie Grill – We have a Veggie Grill about 15 minutes from our new house. This all vegan chain seems to be cropping up all over the west coast. My favorite dish is the Savory Kale Salad with tempeh bacon. Trey loves the kids meal options and my husband loves the buffalo chick’n.

vegan on-the-go


Spice Kit – This is a Bay Area restaurant with a few locations. Like Chipotle, they have several vegan serving options including salad, rice paper wraps or a bowl. My favorite is the Vietnamese Bowl without the fish sauce. Here is my homemade version.

Subway – The bonus with Subway is that they are everywhere. Their white bread is vegan and they have lots of veggies to load into your sandwich. Here is a guide from PETA highlighting vegan options at Subway. Will this be your most exciting meal ever…no, but it hits the spot when you are tired and hungry.

Ike’s Place – Ike’s is a sandwich shop that started in San Francisco. They are rapidly expanding (they now have locations in LA and Tempe) and have a huge vegan menu. The menu is different in each location, but they have multiple vegan meat substitutes, vegan cheese and delicious bread.

vegan on-the-go

What are your favorite vegan on-the-go eats?