About Me

Hi, I’m Gretchen. I am a long time vegan with a passion for my family, compassionate living, vegan cooking and fun. My family consists of my omnivore husband, my 7-year-old vegan son and my 2 dogs.  I hold a Certificate of Wellness Consulting from the American College of Healthcare Sciences.

The most common question I am asked is “Why did you become vegan?”. The high level answer to that question is that it started as a health issue and morphed into a choice to be compassionate. You can read more about my choice to be vegan here.

Family PhotoWe eat vegan food in our house and I like to share my vegan adventures inside and outside of the kitchen here at Vegan Gretchen. You will see posts about our family life, raising vegan children, cookbook reviews, recipes we like and product reviews. I am hoping that sharing a peek into our life will show people that it is possible to live a compassionate life that aligns with your values while being a “regular” family living in a non-vegan world.

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