Living the Farm Sanctuary Life Review

Every vegan has a story of “why” they decided to be vegan.  In my own life I went vegan for health reasons.  As I detailed previously I was hoping being vegan would help cure some health issues I have.  Veganism did make me feel better, but it did not grant me perfect health.  It did, however, open my mind to being more compassionate towards animals.  I am a life long animal lover, but once I stopped eating animals I looked at cows and pigs with a different lens.   You can’t look into a cow’s face and not see the similarities with your dog.

Living the Farm Sanctuary Life(photo credit: Farm Sanctuary)

After being vegan for a few months I decided to sponsor an animal at Farm Sanctuary.  I have been so impressed with their approach to veganism.  Their focus is on being gentle and kind to animals, the planet and yourself.  That gentle spirit fills Gene Baur’s new book: Living the Farm Sanctuary Life.  Gene Baur co-founded Farm Sanctuary in 1986.  What started as a small rescue in Wilmington Deleware is now an organization caring for hundreds of rescued farm animals at 3 shelters across the United States. Gene’s book gives more insight into Farm Sanctuary and why people should consider living more consciously….

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