Vegan Chocolate Mousse

Before I ever went vegan I started taking cooking classes from Colleen Patrick-Goudreau. Colleen’s class really opened my eyes to the possibilities of vegan cooking. I started volunteering with her and eventually acted as an assistant for classes she was running for Physician Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM)The classes focused on helping people with cancer or who were interested in cancer prevention. I had a lot of fun helping helping Colleen and learning more about the preventative aspects of a vegan diet. Over the course of the classes I decided to become a vegan myself.

The classes came with a cookbook and it was filled with very simple recipes. They were great starter recipes, but most needed some tweaking to bump up the flavor. One of my favorite recipes was for a chocolate mousse made with silken tofu. Over the years I have modified the recipe and made it my own.

Vegan Chocolate Mousse Pintrest

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Cooking with Kids: No-Bake Bars

Trey is very interested in helping me in the kitchen these days. Partially because he is interested in cooking and partially because he wants to be on this website. He says things like “Oh do you want to take a picture of me for your website”? I may be creating a monster. I wish I could say I was one of those great parents who always loves to have their kids with them in the kitchen. The truth is I love to be in the kitchen alone. I find cooking by myself really relaxing, and cooking with anyone else really annoying. Parent of the year! I have been making an effort to find and create recipes that Trey can easily cook with me. I saw an episode of Pioneer Woman where she made No-Bake Peanut Butter Bars, and they looked both delicious and easy. I veganized her recipe and it turned out to be my new favorite dessert. This recipe is so easy and so tasty. Trey helped me make them and he was also pleased with the results. Try making these No-Bake Bars next time you need to make a quick and easy dessert, with or without a little helper.

No-Bake Bars Labeled

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Premium Chocolatiers Review

A few weeks ago I was looking at the Fork and Beans blog.  Cara is an incredibly creative blogger and I love to look at her creations on her blog.  I do definitely mean look at her creations.  While I am beyond impressed with her creations I do not have the patience to actually recreate her masterpieces.  Unfortunately I have no patience. Any type of painstakingly detailed work like hers is my idea of personal torture.  A few weeks before Easter Cara posted these adorable Easter Almond Baby Chicks.  She mentioned that she used white chocolate and linked over to the vegan white chocolate sold by Premium Chocolatiers.  Trey has been asking me about white chocolate for a few years since he sees it in non-vegan foods.  I tried another brand of vegan white chocolate chips last year, but I really hated the flavor.  Once I saw Cara used these Polar Dream bars from Premium Chocolatiers I decided I needed to give them a try.

Premium Chocolatiers Order

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