Hot Mess Vegan Ice Cream Pie

My sister, Hanna, and I have very different personalities.  As kids we fought constantly and generally drove each other crazy until I went to college. Much to my Mom’s chagrin once we no longer lived under the same roof we had a ton to say to each other. Suddenly we were racking up huge long distance phone bills.  Two people with such different personalities don’t make great roommates, but fortunately we are great sisters. Now that we are older we can laugh about our personality differences and all of our childhood arguments…including when Hanna dumped orange juice on my head…I deserved it!  At Christmas this year Hanna and I decided to collaborate and make dinner for our family the night after Christmas.  The dinner turned out well, but the dessert was a vegan ice cream pie that could only be described as a hot mess.

Vegan Ice Cream Pie 4 (1)

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