Can I shop vegan at Safeway?

People always ask me if they have to shop at Whole Foods if they want to be vegan.  Since I shop at Whole Foods I really had no idea.  10 years ago you definitely couldn’t find many vegan specific products (meat alternatives, cheese, non-dairy milk etc) at a “regular” grocery store.  I live in the Bay Area and the big supermarket here is Safeway.  Most of my friends shop at Safeway, so I decided to see how much of my typical shopping I could do there.  To say I was shocked would be an understatement.  You most definitely can shop vegan at Safeway!

As with my post on vegan finds at Target I was looking for vegan speciality items.  Safeway has a large selection of produce, pasta, grains, beans, bread and nuts.  Most every grocery store carries those items meaning you can technically shop at almost any grocery store as a vegan.  However, I like to add some fun vegan items into my weekly routine. It turns out Safeway carries many of those items.

Vegan at Safeway Store

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