Talking to Kids about Veganism – Ruby Roth Books

“Mom, I don’t like anything about Hooter’s.” This is what Trey, my 8 year-old, tells me last week as we drove past a Hooters on our way to his friend’s birthday party.  My first thought was “Thank God!”, but I decided I should inquire further.  “Why don’t you like Hooter’s?” I ask.  Trey says “The sign says they have wings, shrimp and burgers. All dead animals.” One point for veganism and one additional point for the fact that he doesn’t know about Hooter’s other selling points!  His comment made me laugh, of course, but it also made me glad that Trey knows why we are vegan.  Since he was tiny I talked to him about why we don’t eat animals. One of the things that really helped those discussions was Ruby Roth’s appropriately titled book That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals.

Ruby Roth Books

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