The Ultimate Vegan Breakfast Burrito

“This would be good in a burrito” is one of my husband, Harrison’s, ultimate compliments.  The guy LOVES his burritos.  For years he took Trey to San Francisco for “Dadurday”.  Every Saturday they took BART to the Mission and had burritos at his favorite spot, Pancho Villa.  Sometimes he gets 2 burritos – one for lunch and one for dinner. A friend of his asked me once, “Doesn’t he ever get tired of burritos?”.  The answer is most definitely, “No!”. To say Harrison was excited when he saw we were having burritos for dinner last week is an understatement.  He hasn’t been to San Francisco in awhile and needed a burrito fix. These Vegan Breakfast Burritos hit the spot.

Vegan Breakfast Burritos 2

To make the burritos I started with my go to Tofu Scramble from Vegan with a Vengeance (similar recipe). Then I cooked the hash brown patties found in the freezer section at Trader Joe’s.  These patties are easy and delicious, despite looking like the McDonalds hash browns I used to eat in college…cringe. Any hash browns or roasted potatoes would work here.

Vegan Breakfast Burritos

I did not add beans to these vegan breakfast burritos, but you definitely can.  I added a layer of coconut bacon from Dreena Burton’s Plant-Powered Families.  These added great smoky flavor and texture, but any vegan bacon or sausage would be delicious.  As you can tell this is a methodology, not a rigid recipe.

Vegan Breakfast Burritos Pre Wrap

For additional toppings add what you think your family will like.  We added salsa (this is my current favorite), Daiya cheese, avocado, pickled jalapenos, and Tofutti sour cream.  Next I rolled the burritos. Follow this guide if you are new to rolling burritos. In my case I have burrito rolling down, thanks to my burrito loving spouse.

Vegan Breakfast Burritos Pintrest

This vegan breakfast burrito aren’t just for breakfast.  Trey took a smaller one to school the next day for lunch. You can easily make these and wrap them in foil for an on-the-go dinner while you are running between meetings or sports practices in the evening.

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Vegan Gretchen


    • vegangretchen says

      Hi Ashlyn – I haven’t frozen these before, but I definitely would like to give it a try. I found this burrito freezing tutorial that I am going to follow myself (using my recipe, but her technique). I like her tip of using room temp ingredients so the burritos don’t get soggy before they are frozen. I plan to wrap the burritos individually in foil and then place them all in a ziploc bag to store in my freezer. Let me know if you try freezing the burritos!

  1. Lauren says

    Hello! These look so good. I am new to being Vegan, and had a quick question about if I should be carful when picking out tortillas? I’m assuming not all are vegan, so what are some good brands that I can buy that would be completely vegan, or what do you use?

    • vegangretchen says

      Hi Lauren – Thanks for reading and I’m so glad the burritos look good to you. You are correct that you do need to read the ingredients for tortillas as they often have milk or lard in them. I frequently use the flour tortillas from Trader Joe’s. I find that the majority of them are vegan. I have also used Sonoma flour tortillas that I find at Whole Foods. I hope that helps and you give these burritos a try!


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