Vegan Brunch at Herbivore

Vegan Brunch can be fantastic.  I love a good tofu scramble, with hash browns and toast.  The problem with vegan brunch is that normally you are cooking it yourself!  Being vegan has been one of the best decisions of my life and I have not found the transition overly difficult.  I have figured out how I can eat out in most restaurants without any issues.  But when someone wants to go out for brunch I know a not very exciting meal is in my future.  Oatmeal made with hot water anyone?

Thankfully as veganism has become more popular there are more vegan brunch options.  Given that we have an almost 8 year old any brunch is now a very rare treat.  It is normally more like wolfing down breakfast smoothies on our way to Trey’s sporting events.  Last weekend though we went out for a great vegan brunch and I realized that we haven’t taken Trey out for brunch in a LONG time.

Trey at Brunch

Trey ran a 5k in our area on Sunday with my sister.  I met them afterwards and we decided to go to the vegan restaurant Herbivore in Berkeley.  Harrison and I used to come here with Trey when he was younger, but we hadn’t been in quite awhile.  He didn’t remember ever going to Herbivore.

He was totally thrilled that he could order everything on the menu.  He decided to go with a combo plate of tofu scramble, house potatoes and a pancake.  When the food came out he actually squealed when he realized that the “butter” was vegan.

Trey’s delight was a good reminder for me that when you are raising a vegan child any opportunity for them not to feel like the “odd man out” is valuable.  We always take him to restaurants that have at least 1 vegan option that he likes. But he loves the opportunity to eat at a completely vegan restaurant or cafe.  Being able to order anything on the menu really blows him away.

Trey with hot chocolate

He topped off his combo plate meal with the largest glass of soy hot chocolate I have ever seen.  Needless to say there was not a drop left in that glass by the time we left!

In the past I remember thinking that brunch at Herbivore was ok, but not fantastic.  They seemed to have stepped up their game since my last visit.  The potatoes in particular were a major upgrade.  I also loved the blueberry cornbread. I would highly recommend going to Herbivore, even if you’ve been before.  It was delicious and we will be back.

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