Vegan Cuts Beauty Box Review

I absolutely love makeup and beauty products.  Starting in middle school I would spend/waste most of my money on makeup and bath products.  I loved the drugstore stuff and department store finds.  I especially loved the department store makeup when I found out you could return what you didn’t like.  I would try out new makeup for a few days and bring it back if I didn’t like it.  I am pretty picky about colors and I have very sensitive skin so I returned a lot of product!  I’m sure the women at the makeup counter loved giving free makeovers to a 14 year-old who bought one product…and then returned it a week later.

Nowadays I focus on makeup and beauty products that are cruelty free.  Fortunately that market is expanding rapidly.  10 years ago the options were few and far between.  Now there are many cruelty-free choices in a wide range of prices.  My favorite brands are Pacifica and Tarte.

Vegan Cuts Beauty April

In April I subscribed to Vegan Cuts Beauty Box for the first time.  I don’t know what took me so long. With my love of trying new items and my rather finicky taste, getting a box of beauty samples is perfect for me. Each month you receive a box of 4-7 bath and beauty products.  Most will be sample sized, but occasionally you also receive a full sized item.

Vegan Cuts Lipgloss

My favorite item in my first shipment was the Emani Lipgloss.  This was a full sized lipgloss in a neutral pinkish-brown.  I love the color and texture of this gloss.  I am definitely going to try more of their products.  They are a 100% vegan company.

Vegan Cuts Sunscreen

The small sample of Goddess Garden Organic sunscreen will come in very handy this summer.  I actually used the spray version of Goddess Garden last year.  They carry it at our Whole Foods.  The sunscreen worked well and I’m happy to have this sample size to keep in my purse as the weather warms up.

Vegan Cuts Scalp

I loved the smell and feeling of Bio Creative Lab’s Petal Fresh Scalp Conditioner.  I like the tingling feeling of tea tree shampoos and conditioners, but I feel like most of them also rip all of the moisture out of my hair.  This Conditioner was the best of both worlds.  I got the refreshing, clean, tingling feeling of Tea Tree Oil, but with a lot of moisture.

Vegan Cuts Hairspray

The small sample of Captain Blankenship Mermaid Sea Salt Hair Spray was interesting to try out.  I sprayed it into my hair and then let it dry, before using a curling iron to add waves.  It gave my hair a nice texture, similar to other texturizing sprays I have used.  I love the smell from the Geranium Oil.  Not everything at Captain Blankenship is vegan (they use beeswax), but their toner and facial oil look vegan and I’ll be interested in trying those in the future.

Vegan Cuts Bugaboo

I haven’t had a chance to try the Bug Repellent yet.  There are not many bugs where I live in the Bay Area.  I’ll definitely be trying this repellent out over the summer when we travel.  I absolutely hate conventional bug repellent, but none of the natural brands I’ve tried have actually repelled bugs.  I’ll report back!  I’m also going to try out some of the other Wellinhand products.  The body washes and bath salts look intriguing.

Overall I loved my first month of the Vegan Cuts Beauty Box.  The products they sent were great and I liked learning about new-to-me, cruelty-free brands.  I’m looking forward to next month’s shipment.

*This is NOT a sponsored post.  I purchased the Vegan Cuts Beauty Box on my own.  All opinions are my own.  The post does contain affiliate links, which do not affect your price if you choose to purchase any items.*

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